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- Surreal Security's "Total Security Solutions" protects your business from various threats. -

Increasing damages from computer viruses and worms day by day, frequent leaks of corporate and personal data... Our society's interest in information security today is so much that not a single day goes by without hearing news about information security. Now it is time to consider information security controls not only as "a company's self-defensive measure" but as a part of "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)" and as a "Compliance Issue. "

Nevertheless it is not an easy task to effectively deploy information security controls.

Confidential data that travel through complex network systems cannot be fully protected by simply deploying management-related controls such as the "Creating security policies" alone, nor "non-system-related important information," such as trade secrets saved in paper format, can these be protected by applying any system-related controls such as "improvement of antivirus software and firewall." As just described, in order to protect "information assets," the source for corporate competitiveness, it is necessary to combine these "management-related controls" and "system-related controls" in a balanced manner and plan and execute the most cost-effective countermeasure program.

Surreal Security, as a professional information security company, provides the optimal support in any possible situation of information security by implementing “Total Security Solutions” that incorporate both the management-related solutions and system-related solutions, and protecting your important information assets from various threats such as information leakage, personal data protection, virus and cracking.

Management-related Solutions

Information Security Risk Assessment
Information Security Strategy Planning
Creating Information Security Management Policies
Creating Business Continuity Plan

System-related Solutions

Penetration Test and Analysis
Security Architecture Designing and Diagnosis
Designing and Development for Web Security
Designing and Development for Security Monitoring System
Verification and Selection for Security Products Tools

Achieving Security Certifications and Regulation Compliance Programs

Achieving ISMS/BS7799 Certification
Achieving Privacy Mark Certification
Complying with Privacy Protection Act

Security Operation Support Programs

Information Security Training and Seminars
Information Security Audit
Arrangement of Information Risk Insurance
Incident Response